Sunday, April 28, 2013

Lemondrop Moonshine (In Alcohol-Free April!)

As for Alcohol-Free April... it too comes and goes with being hard and easy. This month has been INSANELY stressful with family drama going on with my husband's side of the family and many nights I've thought, "Why the hell did I choose to do this?!" when I really could use a good buzz to drown out the drama. However, I have stayed strong. I will admit I had a teensy tiny sip of Lemondrop "Moonshine" that I made using Lemonhead candies, lemon juice, lemon wheels, sugar, and Everclear (AKA it's perfectly legal and does not require any distilling of your own shine). 

It is mellowing in the fridge right now, but I needed to taste it to see if it needed more of anything-- and I'm guessing from the warm and fuzzies I got from the little sip that, no, it doesn't need a thing! 

Okay, I know you are singing it...

"Strawberry shimmer on hot lips, silver buckle hangin' off her hips, Eyes sparkle when she smiles, Shinedown on the radio dial. Homemade jar o' Lemondrop, take a sip. Don't stop girl, I love it when you get your shine on! 'Cause you be rockin' me all night long, summer sky drippin' rhinestones, turn your party lights on, baby get your shine on, shine on!" 

If you don't know the song, you need to check out Florida Georgia Line's "Get Your Shine On". I seriously love their cd. We started listening to them last summer and I know this summer they will still be rocking our playlists. 

 Homemade Lemondrop "Moonshine"

I basically made it with reckless abandon by adding equal parts lemon juice and sugar (about 1 cup/1 cup) and then boiling it with the Lemonhead candies. I stirred constantly and added a whole lemon sliced into wheels to the boiling mixture. Taste the lemon mix as you go to see if it needs to be sweeter or more lemon-y (is that a word?). It should have the consistency of hot syrup. 

Once it is smooth/clear I put it in mason jars (about 1/3 full) and let it cool on the counter. Then I topped off the jars with Everclear (151 proof) from our local BevMo and tossed in a few more lemon wheels. I put on the lids (they don't have to be sealed) and put the jars in the fridge. they developed a "chunky" look that I would guess has to do with the lemon pulp mixing in with the juice, but if you shake it up it is just fine. 

Brandon says it tastes like rubbing alcohol, but he drank it while it was still warm--and we all know warm lemonade is nasty... So, I had our roomie, Rachel, try it (remind me to post about her!) and she said it was STRONG, but good. As with any moonshine, the more it sits, the more it mellows and the flavor strengthens. I am eager to try it next weekend when Alcohol-Free April is over! 

We got started making homemade "shine" last year (using all store-bought ingredients) when we decided to make Apple-Pie Moonshine. We make it during the colder months and it is to-die-for. It seriously tastes like warm apple pie, but with about a 70-90 proof kick! It's delicious hot or cold and is made with a similar process of the Lemondrop using the Everclear. 

I joke that Brandon needs to learn how to make a still and we can have legitimate moonshine that lives up to the standards of all these country songs we love. But, for now, we are pretty happy making it with what we can get our hands on. 


  1. I wanna try this!! I bet Matt would like it too! He loves making his beer! And, you seriously need to burn be a CD ASAP!!

  2. I stumbled across your blog while listening to Florida Georgia Line and Googling Lemon Drop recipes. Your recipe sounds great and I'll give it a try! One thing to consider: I'm a home brewer and, while brewing your own beer is perfectly legal, distilling your own shine isn't. It's a felony, IIRC. It's really stupid, because when legal home beer brewing was written into law, the authors "forgot" to include spirit distillation. So, due to an idiotic oversight, it's illegal to make your own shine, even if you don't sell it. That said, there's tons of people out there that do it, but it may not be wise to advertise it on your publicly-accessible blog.

  3. I appreciate your concerns, but fortunately, no illegal activities are occurring during the making of this "moonshine" :-)

    If you noticed, I never stated that I distill my own shine (sure would be cool if I could). Instead, the recipe uses perfectly legal 151 proof Everclear purchased from the local BevMo. It is no different than posting a recipe for a delicious margarita or martini, so brew on!

    Caitlin @ That House on the Corner

  4. You say you use 1 cup lemon juice to 1 cup sugar then add in lemon drop candies. How much of the lemon drop candies do you use?


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