Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Our New Addition

So, if you cannot tell, Brandon and I both total animal lovers who treat our pets as our own children. In fact, for years we have discussed how we plan to get a Saint Bernard puppy after we get married and he will be our big 200lb drooling oaf who we will affectionately name "Moe"... yes, we have an imaginary dog.

But right now I shouldn't be talking about dogs, I should be talking about cats.

I grew up with a single cat who was my baby from the age of four until her passing my senior year in high school. I was absolutely heartbroken at the loss of my beloved cat Beetlejuice. Brandon endured the many tears (even four years later I have trouble talking about her without getting choked up) but I am thankful for the wonderful years I spent with my childhood pet and friend.

Beetlejuice (1992-2006):

We had 3 other cats after Beetlejuice, but none of them lasted more than a year in the country at my parents' house, leaving less time to form a lifetime bond like I did with Beetlejuice. Beezy, Judas, and Elphaba (my mom thinks cats are evil and need evil names) were all pretty cool cats, but unfortunately only the strong and smart survive in the country and somehow Beetlejuice was the record holder in the neighborhood where my parents have lived for the last 20 years.

Ok, I'm sure by now you're wondering how this fits in with our current life in town right? Well, for months I had been BEGGING Brandon to let me bring home a cat from my work named Schezuan, who is super sweet and needs a home (contact me if you want more info!). However, he strongly said "No, we don't need a cat, and we don't need a litter-box" and so I had just about given up on the idea of getting a cat when a good friend of ours walked into my parents' shop holding a small gray kitten with a skinned up chin.

Our friend explained that the truck in front of him had pitched the little kitten out of the window while driving and that he almost hit her so he stopped and picked her up. She was so sweet even though she was shook up. He asked if we wanted her since otherwise he was just gonna leave her outside at his house, so my mom and I agreed we'd take her to the vet and get her checked out and find her a good home.

Inside I was jumping for joy, but at the same time I figured Brandon would still say "No". I told him her story, showing him her picture where she looks like a wolf with her bushy face and skinned up chin, and after finding a legitimate place for the litter-box (under the staircase), he said "I guess you can't turn down a cat that is part wolf"! It wasn't a yes, but it was all I needed!

The kitty-door leading into Skip's "fort":

Inside the "fort" (the clothes were waiting to be donated):

So, in late November we brought home our little 3 month old kitten named "Skip" after the way she skipped off the pavement. She's psycho, but sometimes we love her....

She's a bad kitty.


  1. first, I found you via desire to inspire. what a story. I'm so glad y'all gave her a home. what a horribly cruel person that was to pitch her out of a truck!

    we've had our miracle kitty as well. he was an indoor/outdoor cat (we only have indoor cats now). one day our neighbor came by the house and told us that our cat had been sleeping somewhere under his car in a wheel well or under the engine somehow. he only became aware of it after he saw our cat hit the ground ON THE HIGHWAY and take off running into a nearby neighborhood! he was horrified that this had happened of course. my husband and I immediately took off in the direction our neighbor told us about and scoured the neighborhoods thereabout. we ended up coming back home but my husband went back out that night and just kept calling his name and, lo and behold, our kitty came to him! we immediately packed him up and took him to the emergency vet, told his story and the vet looked him over. all he had wrong with him was a skinned up chin and butt. that was it. the vet looked at him and said, "you've got eight left buddy". he was truly a miracle kitty.

  2. Oh wow! Now THAT is a story! Geeze, I can't imagine if someone told me my pet had been hit and was running around injured! I'd be a wreck! I'm glad to hear everything turned out alright!


  3. I was telling my mom about this story and she reminded me about when I was a little girl that we had just moved out to the country and on a rainy night our old Irish Setter, Brandy, went missing. Three weeks passed and they worried something had killed her (coyotes, mountain lions, you name it, we have it). So, finally someone asked if they had checked the SPCA because people dump dogs out in the country and the neighbor said that someone might have thought she was a stray. Well, turns out she had wriggled out of her collar and HAD been picked up by the SPCA. They thought she was emaciated(turns out she was just old!) and then her time was up at the SPCA after a week. Thank goodness for kind hearted people, because a woman named Lisa took her in as a foster. When we came to get her my mom had all three kids in the car and we went inside. The next thing my mom knew Lisa was walking in with a cat saying "I hate how people think they can just dump these animals off on our porch!" My mom turned around and it was our cat, Sweetie, who had apparently made the 20 minute drive on the undercarriage of our car!

    Needless to say, that was one interesting drive home with three kids, a cat, and an Irish Setter!

    And, small world, many years later my mom adopted our poodle, Ginger, from the local SPCA and she too had been a foster dog with the very same woman who saved our "Brandy"!



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